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How can I keep my students' content in Scratch completely private?

Scratch is an open source platform included in Ellipsis Education Curriculum but not owned or managed by Ellipsis Education.

The Scratch website is the best source for understanding what content and information is collected or shared by Scratch. The Scratch Privacy Policy has the following information regarding account creation and user-generated content:

Account Information

In order to share projects, create studios, or post comments, you need to make an account. During account creation, we ask you for a username, your country, birth month and year, gender, and your email address (or your parent or guardian's email address if you are under 16 years old). We ask that you select a username that does not disclose your real name or other information that could identify you. Other users can see your username and country, but not your age, gender, or email address.

User-generated Content
We collect any information that you provide to us when you create Scratch projects (including unshared projects), write comments, or post on our forums.


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