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How do my students access the curriculum?

Students do not log in or access the Ellipsis Education Curriculum directly.

The course content and lesson plans delivered to the teacher via the Codelicious Canvas are intended for the educator only. The students will be interacting with, and have student accounts for, the specific platforms associated with each course, such as Scratch, Repl.it, etc. for the purpose of creating, saving, and sharing projects.

Coding lessons within the curriculum include both teacher and student slide decks (found in the Materials and Resources section of the lesson plan.) Both serve similar purposes with a few minor differences. Teacher Slides include the answer keys for a lesson and have brief Speaker Notes that link teachers to specific procedures in the lesson plan. If additional actions are required from the teacher (showing videos, revealing information on the slide, splitting students into teams, etc.), that is also stated within the Speaker Notes. The Student Slides can be shared with your students as an additional visual resource for them via your LMS or as an email attachment.

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